Products & Services
  • DERA is an ingredient based solution provider for the food industry. Our business is focussed on processed meat and convenience foods
  • DERA can offer you innovative ingredient solutions, based on consumer needs
  • Within the various countries, DERA has local teams of experienced professionals. Therefore solutions can be adapted to your requirements and taste
  • Whether you are active in meat products, fish products, prepared meals, cold and hot sauces or savoury snacks, DERA can help you to find the right answer
  • We offer solutions for brine systems, cutter systems, texturising systems, for seasoning and flavouring, for marinades and sauces.
  • Our solutions are based on functional ingredients, ingredient blends, spices, seasonings and in some countries packaging material and equipment.
  • In the different concepts DERA is offering, taste is crucial.
    Therefore, DERA developed a specific approach and created a new brand name:

    Discover our new range of ESSENSO Marinades and ESSENSO Snacks

For more detailed information about our offer, we invite you to visit our local websites.