New Application Center 

Since its foundation in 1951, the DERA company has focussed strongly on research and development. Its facilities have grown over the years from a test kitchen, initially, into a modern Application Center with a Pilot Plant.

In October 2006, a brand new Application Center was revealed. The new building, located alongside the DERA headquarters in Bornem, covers an area of more than 1500 m2. It features a brand new test kitchen and pilot plant as well as a new production facility for liquid products.

The most up-to-date equipment is available, which allows pilot plant testing to be as close as possible to the real production environment. This includes bowl choppers, injectors, tumblers, and several combi-ovens for research and development which is focussed in particular on ham, pÔtÚs, cooked sausages and coated products.

Next to the application center, a brand-new, fully equipped professional kitchen enables DERA to continue to grow its market in culinary developments. As an active player in the Convenience Food sector, DERA innovates in the area of taste for a variety of applications such as marinated meats, snacks, ready meals, bouillons, sauces and dressings. DERA supports these developments through its own international team of flavourists.

Alongside its principal role in supporting industrial customers, the new facility is used for DERA seminars as well as for internal training of employees who are active in more than 30 countries. A suite of meeting and presentation rooms was built for this purpose.

The second part of the building is a production facility for liquid products. Previously these products were solely produced in DERA's plant in the United Kingdom. With the increasing demand for liquid marinades, an additional facility became essential.

With this new Center, DERA wants to support its customers continuously with their developments and to help them in finding the most appropriate functional and organoleptic solution. DERA is driven by its customers and works in partnership with them, always striving for the optimal combination of mutual strengths: "Combining Strengths".